Monday, October 22, 2012

Red letter day.

A red letter day almost start.

Dear Ayien Zulkifli,

I'm so excited to talk bout you for this time. Well it's already 22th October 2012 and happy birthday to you my sister. May Allah bless you and have a blast my dear. Wishing you luck for everything. Happy ever after with your soulmate. Sometimes you can be a good sister, sometimes you can't. Seriously. I'm frankly actually. Hehe. Please don't forget your kind sister. I mean Mieya. Well you must know her right? Okay peghasan gila. Dear kak long, thanks for everything. Always remember me as your lil sister and your bff. Life must move on and don't giving up in our life easily.

Truthfully you're such an insane girl. Ops haha!

What makes your life good? The answer is ME.
Last wish,

Always be happy in your life. InsyaAllah hadiah for this year ice cream sehinggit. Okay kan? Hehehehe. I love you and miss you, gemuk. Euw macam apa entah. Haha

Lots of love,
Mieya Zulkifli a.k.a Adik gilos.